Helicopter ride was amazing


The helicopter ride was breathtaking. We swooped down through beautiful, lush, green canyons and valleys where they filmed Jurassic Park and Avatar.

I had my camera set so whenever I pressed the button, it took multiple shots. That way, at least one would be in focus even though we were moving. I took 487 photos. Once I deleted the ones that were blurry or that had a glare from the windshield, I had 183 left and 30 useable ones.

We’ve never been on a helicopter before and I was a little concerned about the movement but the pilot was obviously experienced and the ride was smooth. It held six people. We paid a little extra to be in the front with the pilot and I think it was worth being able to see through the front windshield, too. However, we were so crammed in that Tom fell to one knee when he got out. His right leg was completely numb and he couldn’t put weight on it.

It was incredibly noisy but we wore huge headsets and the pilot gave us a running commentary. All-in-all, though, it was a wonderful experience.

Even though it was incredibly expensive – almost $450 for 2 – it was worth it. For some reason, they gave us a discount because we went on Friday. If you only do one thing on Kauai, make it the helicopter tour.

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Susan L Stewart


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