Lyon, France: A Neighborhood Church

The neighborhood Church a few blocks from our hotel


Jumping girl with waning moon

Wednesday, October 10

Emily and Linda had to get to the conference early. I slept in the first morning, and missed the complimentary breakfast. I got dressed and started to walk, looking for a petit déjeuner [breakfast]. As I did, I came across a beautiful old neighborhood church and took almost 200 photos of it. You will notice the beautiful blue skies. This is the only time we saw the sun on our trip. Here are some I found very

Woman playing the harp

interesting. The first is a person getting ready to jump off the spire to her death. On the other side, there is a dog on the roof and a woman playing the harp. I wonder

Dog on the roof

who decides what sculpture is going to be placed on the roof of a church? Do they get a committee together? Can you imagine the discussion? I found some gargoyles, too. I think by the time I get home I could probably do a photo essay on the Gargoyles of France. We’ll see.

I’ve always thought of flan as a Spanish/Mexican dessert but I’ve had the best flan here. There are boulangeries, [bakeries] on almost every corner. They carry bread, quiche, sandwiches, and an assortment of pastries, a sugar-holic’s dream. Tried the quiche – not something I particularly care for. It isn’t that much better in France sorry to say.

Until next time,

Susan L Stewart