British Airways to France

Monday, Oct 8 – Tuesday, Oct 9

Another church in Lyon. There seems to be one on every corner.

I’m trying to blog every day but it’s been difficult. Every time I sit down, I want to take a nap. Actually, the jet lag over to Europe is not nearly as bad as coming back. The last time we flew back from Europe was from London many years ago and it took me about two weeks to get my body rhythms in sync again.

We flew on British Airways. It’s my second time to fly with them and they are great! If you have a chance to fly British Airways, I highly recommend it. The flight attendants actually seem to enjoy their job; they’re very accommodating and the seats are roomy and comfortable. The seats lean back a little more making sleeping easier. There were two crying babies in our section and I didn’t pack ear plugs. I asked if they had some and she said she’d check. She came back with a pair and didn’t even charge me. The food is better than other airline food, too.

Lyon is a big, fairly easy to navigate, city with an Old Town, a shopping area with a lot of stores offering discounts, and the Basilica.

One thing has changed as far as traveling goes. I have used my beloved Canon 40D camera with an excellent lens for years. It’s gone with me to Mexico and, last year, through the Panama Canal. But the pain from the arthritis in my hands has doubled and tripled this year and I found that, at 3+ pounds, I couldn’t pick it up anymore, let alone take photos. So I purchased a new Olympus EM-5 OM-D that weighs half the amount. I think I like my new camera although I received the lens three days before we left so I only know how to “point and shoot.” I have it set at fully automatic for now so I don’t need to figure out the various settings. I think it takes very nice photos, though.

The food is pretty good. Our first night the three of us – Emily, her co-worker Linda who we met up with in London, and I ate at the restaurant in the hotel. We were just too tired to venture out. They only had menus in French so we asked the waiter to translate. When he got to “tete du veau [veal’s head] served in a nice veal broth with … ” I tuned out. That was after a whole day of flying and, I don’t know, chewing on the head of a baby calf just before bedtime didn’t seem like the best way to go. I settled on a cup of vegetable soup.

I passed out before Emily had time to turn the lights out.

Until next time,

Susan L Stewart

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