Arriving in Maui

Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset

The plane ride to Maui was great. The plane probably held 150 people but it was so quiet. The other remarkable thing for those of us who live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains was the lack of turbulence. Not one bobble.

One of my flower photos

One of my flower photos

I had to laugh inside, though, when the flight attendant walked down the aisle with a Sunkist cardboard box that had been cut down, handing out small juice cups. Someone else poured coffee. It only took 40 minutes to land on Maui.

I sat on a stone bench talking with a lady who was going to the same resort we were. Our husbands were inside the Hertz office trying to rent a car. Since the plane had just landed it was swamped in there. She asked me about my fibromyalgia – she and her husband had gotten the impression that it was a respiratory disease from the commercials. As I began explaining about the pain component, a woman behind me let go of her small  suitcase and the handle ran into my left kidney. The pain was terrible, shooting through my back. The worst thing was that the lady never even said she was sorry. She tried to make it sound like I had done something wrong, like I shouldn’t have been sitting on the bench. She just said, “It was an accident.” and then she said, “the bench took the brunt of it.” I didn’t turn around.

We finally got to the resort- the Marriott Maui Beach Club. The grounds are spectacular! They have an amazing pool that winds through the center of the resort with waterfalls and slides, including one big enough for adults. There are lots of lounge chairs with huge umbrellas.

The beach comes up all the way to the pool area. The odd thing is that we’ve never seen anyone in the water – no swimmers and no surfers. The condo is a dream. One bedroom, two bathrooms, minimal kitchen. It’s beautifully decorated and very comfortable. We got here Sunday afternoon and decided to rest on Monday and just hang out at the resort.

Until next time,

Susan L Stewart

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