Allerton and McBryde Botanical Gardens

Kauai Coast

Kauai Coast

The Allerton and McBryde Botanical Gardens on Kauai are incredibly beautiful. Situated next to each other, we were able to see some of the McBryde Gardens. Parts of Jurassic Park were filmed in McBryde. From looking at the open grassy areas surrounded by exotic plants as we drove by we were certain we knew exactly which scenes were filmed where. 

You need reservations to go to McBryde, and even though we were on a tour, it wasn’t included. It wasn’t the end of the world – like Jurassic Park! – because we went to Allerton instead. It didn’t have a lot of flowers but we walked through this beautiful, vast, green valley. It was so quiet and still that I could imagine what it was like thousands of years ago. It was just what we needed – a break from people and noise. I don’t deal with noise very well. For some reason, it makes me nervous and tires me out. Thus, my objection to attending a football game or even watching it on TV.

We haven’t done a lot while we’ve been on Kauai. Things have been so hectic at home that we’ve needed to just chill out. Tomorrow, though, we’re taking a helicopter ride around the island. I’m so excited! Here are some photos from our visit to the park.

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Susan L Stewart

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